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Wednesday, 28 October 2020 11:40 AM
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Monthly Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal ISSN 2348-7135
UGC - Approved Journal Serial no. 48653  

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COSMOS Impact Factor 5.2
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1. A Comparative study on “Debt Management” of top two Indian Steel Companies [Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) and TATA Steel]
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2. A Study on Customer Satisfaction and Expectations of Customers towards FMCG Companies in India
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3. Providing rank in search engine through user behavior
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4 “Madhyamik Staravaril 9 std chya Vidhyardhyasathi Bhugol Vishayatil Nakasha Sandharbatil Nivadak Kaushalyavar Aadharit Krutikaryakram Vikashan va tyachi Parinamkarkata Tapasane.” – Dr. Prof Chondekar Nalini Ramchandra.
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Volume 6 - year 2018 Volume 7 - year 2019 Volume 8 - year 2020
Special Issues  
1. SNDT Sept 2017
2. SSCE, Life-Skills Education. March-2018
3. DAVCE,Abohar - Eradication of Mental Haze through Value Education. April-2018
4. PUCC, NSW - Emerging Trends in Business, Economics, IT and Social sciences. April-2018
5. SNDT. National Conference on Research in Music
5.1 SNDT. Special Issue - Research in Music.October-2018
6. RGC, Ludhiana - Gender equality and feminism in contemporary India: Issues and Challenges. Nov-2018

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