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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.1. How can I access this web site?
Ans: open access.
Q.2. what is IIMJ?
Ans: IIMJ is the short form of International Inventive multidisciplinary Journal.
Q.3. How to send my article to IIMJ?
Ans: You can submit your article using following steps. 1. if you are not member then first you need to do online registration by clicking on "online registration" link (in this you need to fill up simple form and click on submit button) 2. if you are already registered member then you can login using your username /password 3. now click on "My Articles" link and then you can see "Add new Article" link 4 . when you click on "Add new Article" link then it will open small popup window 5 . write article subject and upload your file.
Q.4. what is the periodicity of the IIMJ?
Ans: Periodicity of IIMJ is Monthly.
Q.5. How one can contact with IIMJ?
Ans: visit us on
/e-mail us on
/call on 9767321221.
Q.6. How can I get Authors Guidelines for writing the article?
Ans: On web site on menu bar Authors Guideline link is available just click the link & go to Authors Guidelines.
Q.7. Can I send articles online?
Ans: Yes, definitely you can send your article through this mail id:
Q.8. what are the prerequisites to read the downloaded PDF Article?
Ans: Latest version of Acrobat Reader is needed to read the downloaded PDF article.
Q.9. How Can I view/Download my published article?
Ans: To view/download the published article, visit click on the published article link then select the month in which your article is published and click on search button.

Volume 1 - year 2013

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Issue 12

Volume 2 - year 2014

Volume 3 - year 2015

Volume 4 - year 2016

Volume 5 - year 2017

Volume 6 - year 2018

Volume 7 - year 2019

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Special Issues  
1. SNDT Sept 2017
2. SSCE, Life-Skills Education. March-2018
3. DAVCE,Abohar - Eradication of Mental Haze through Value Education. April-2018
4. PUCC, NSW - Emerging Trends in Business, Economics, IT and Social sciences. April-2018
5. SNDT. National Conference on Research in Music
5.1 SNDT. Special Issue - Research in Music.October-2018
6. RGC, Ludhiana - Gender equality and feminism in contemporary India: Issues and Challenges. Nov-2018

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